May 2016
JAARS Center

Mike & Treesa Hause, our partners at the JAARS (Jungle Aviation and Radio Services) Center in Waxhaw, NC, invite you to come and learn about Bible translation and the challenge to spread the Gospel in every language! The JAARS Center is hosting JAARS Day on the following Saturdays: June 11, August 13 and October 8. JAARS Days is your opportunity to see how people get Internet in the rainforest, record your voice into the JESUS film or ride in a helicopter or a five-seater plane ($25). You’ll get an up-close look at Bible translation—and why it relies on practical support like boats, 4WDs, and software. Hours are 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. JAARS also has two amazing museums to tour and......

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May 2016
John & Kim Quinley (Partners serving in Thailand)

New and exciting things are happening with John and Kim Quinley and their ministry. In February, Thailand hosted the first World Without Orphans Global Summit with over 500 participants from 60 nations.  Kim was asked to lead a Showcase Session highlighting their “Keeping Families Together” program.  An immediate outcome from the World Without Orphans Global Forum is to  establish a Thailand Without Orphans Alliance for church and Christian NGO leaders. Their first official meeting was at the Care for Children office in March. Kim serves on the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) Thailand Coalition sub-group Alternative Care. Alternative Care is the term used for children living separated from biological parents.  In Thailand, 20 percent of children......

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Mar 2016
Little Dresses for Africa

One of our Global Focus projects this year is to support Little Dresses for Africa, a Christian organization whose mission is to provide dresses to little girls in Africa and other countries needing relief. These dresses are a vehicle used to spread the gospel and let little girls know God loves them and they have worth. The dresses are made from gently used pillowcases or cotton fabrics and will be shipped later this spring.  Workshops to do prep work for the project will be held on Wednesdays from 9am-noon during March; the mass production of the dresses will  happen at a workshop on Saturday, May 14th. Information sheets and a list of supplies that are needed are available at  the InfoCenter. Get those donations coming in......

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