Nov 2016
WORKshipping in Spirit and Truth

  Nestled in a powerful testimony about how God had been reshaping her perspective, Naomi Barnett shared some parting words of inspiration on her last night as a SHIFT student: One of the most significant activities that God has used to shape my understanding of His love for me was learning how to worship openly with other people. It had been a week since our team had returned from a ten-day trip to Summit Training Post (STP) on the Navajo reservation in Arizona, and I was still processing an annoying tension in my heart—that feeling we get when we haven’t quite made the mental and emotional connection to something God has given us. I often become overstimulated with our......

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May 2016
Mountain Missions Outreach

During the weekend of April 15th – 17th, myself, and 10 other men (only men this time, but women are always welcome!) departed from NCC and  headed to Mountain Mission School (MMS) to finish up the roofing project that we started last November.  We arrived at the school around 1:30am Friday morning, got a few hours of sleep and woke up early to begin getting our supplies ready. We couldn’t start working on the roof until about 9:30, as we had to wait for the sun to come up over the mountains to dry the roof off so it wasn’t so slippery. Once we were able to walk on the roof, the first step was to mop the entire......

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