Jun 2016

It’s been few weeks since Rev. Stephen M. Deane transitioned to Lead Pastor at New Covenant Church (NCC) and as one who has the privilege of serving with Steve, I thought it would be fun to talk to Steve and the family and hear what they have to say about this new chapter in their lives. So, I met with Kim and the kids (Reuben, Eliana, Joha, and Lucas) on the playground recently, and then with Steve, to hear what they had to say. I began with the kids. Their answers were entertaining, peppered with some serious concerns, like how much longer they’d have to stay after church each Sunday before they could go home. Eliana mentioned that her......

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May 2016
Dream Center (Prom Dress Event)

Picture this: David’s Bridal dress shop meets TLC’s “Say Yes To The Dress” meets Fantasy Faire Royal Hall at Disney.  Most of the ladies in this crowd can appreciate the joy that this image portrays. On Friday, April 15th the Peninsula Dream Center greeted 115 high school senior girls and their guests with a heart to serve.  We had over 1500 dresses in all sizes and colors, over 20 dressing rooms, a seamstress area, melodic tunes, and an MC with a mic cheering on the ladies as they graced the mirrors with loveliness. “She said YES to the dress!” was exclaimed over and over.  “Girl, you look gorgeous!” and “Where has that dress been hiding all night? Beautiful!”  Each......

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