Local, National and International Outreach

Missions have always been at the core of New Covenant Church and we are excited that our program, Global Focus, extends around the world.  We believe the good news of Jesus is the best news in the world and that God has empowered ordinary men, women and children to touch people who don’t have a relationship with Jesus Christ. We choose to reach out to people locally, nationally and internationally by serving, loving, caring and sharing the gospel.

Local and National Missions

We believe God has called the leaders of New Covenant to equip and mobilize our local resources to evangelize our community, state and nation. We provide multiple opportunities every year for the church share their faith as they feed and shelter the homeless, pack meals for starving families around the world, work on a variety of building projects, provide support to our local military families, support activities to stop sex trafficking, and more!

International Missions

New Covenant provides monthly support to eight international partners located across the globe.  We have designated approximately 15% of our annual tithes to fund outreach activities in Thailand, Africa, Germany, India, Philippines and Mexico.  In addition, we support an ongoing outreach to our unreached, unengaged people group, the Mimi Tribe in Chad. View our International Ministry Partners

2016 Local Projects


Charlotte Dillow

Partner website:

Hampton Roads Ecumenical Lodgings and Provisions is a non-profit, faith-based organization committed to mobilizing the community to empower homeless families, individuals and those in crisis to strive for self-sufficiency.

Projects this year:
  • Homeless Outreach “A Night’s Welcome” (40 people needed)
  • Loaves and Fishes Homeless Lunches (3 people needed monthly)

Peninsula Dream Center

T.J. Wolfe

Partner website:

Peninsula Dream Center seeks to provide short term refuge and long term restoration to the homeless, at risk and underserved communities in the Hampton Roads area by providing social services, intervention programs and the love of Christ.

Project this year:
  • Kitchen Renovation + New Refrigerator (6-10 people needed)

Southeastern Correctional Ministry, Inc. (SCM)

Jay Dobson

Partner website:

SCM’s ministry began in July of 1981 with two people conducting a Bible Study for inmates at Nansemond Correctional Unit. It has since expanded to 23 institutions with over 200 volunteers serving as Chaplains, Bible teachers, counselors, course graders, literature distributors, audio/visual operators and musicians.

Project this year:
  • Prison ministry (open to all people)

The Center for Sexual Assault Survivors

Sarah Floyd

Partner website:

The Center for Sexual Assault Survivors (“The Center”) is a non-profit organization that provides free sexual violence and domestic violence services to survivors and their support system. The Center also provides community education and awareness events, and delivers technical assistance and training to law enforcement, healthcare providers and other allied professionals.

Projects this year:
  • Human Trafficking Backpack Event
  • One City Marathon
  • Walk-A-Mile-In-Her-Shoes
  • Homeless/Veteran Outreach

CareNet Resource Pregnancy

Brayden Tomlinson

Partner website:

CareNet Peninsula supports any pregnant woman who needs help in her decision making or in finding resources. They come alongside of real women who, in the absence of services and support, feel their only resort is abortion. CareNet does this by offering a variety of services at no charge to their clients: pregnancy testing; ultrasound; counseling; parenting education; adoption and medical referrals; and free baby and maternity items. They also offer support groups to bring healing and freedom found only in Jesus Christ to those who struggle after past abortions.

Projects this year:
  • Baby Bottle Campaign: loose change donation from NCC during time of campaign
  • Walk For Life

2016 National Projects

Stop Hunger Now

Partner website:

This international hunger relief agency has been fulfilling its commitment to end hunger for more than 15 years. Since 1998, the organization has coordinated the distribution of food and other lifesaving aid to children and families all over the world.

Project this year:
  • Packing Meals for the Hungry around Thanksgiving (120 people needed)

Mountain Mission School

Chris Slone

Partner website:

Since 1921, God has brought more than 20,000 at-risk youth out of their distress and into the land of promise that is Grundy’s Mountain Mission School (MMS). They serve as a home church and school to more than 200 kids in need, coming from Appalachia to Africa to Asia. MMS provides first rate academics, loving family and social support, and a firm commitment to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Projects this year:

– Completion of Roofing Project (8-10 needed)
– Remodel Hurley Hall (8-10 people needed)

New York School of Urban Ministry (NYSUM)

Partner website:

The New York School of Urban Ministry equips youth and adults through life-changing, cross-cultural, hands on, short term mission experiences. Founded in 1984, NYSUM hosts more than 5,000 short term missionaries each year for short term missions in New York City.

Project this year:
  • NYSUM Trip

Summit Training Post (STP)

Bishop Herb Hutchinson

Partner website:

Summit Training Post is a non-profit organization that was developed out of an awareness of the poverty and devastation of the Native American people. STP desires to bring hope to the Navajo Nation through training programs. By equipping the people with the skills for greater success, STP hopes to bring restored and revitalized life to the communities in which they live. The programs at STP prepare students to be self supporting, increasing their employability, and for

Project this year:
  • Building Repairs (5-8 people needed)

2016 International Projects

RUN Ministries

Partner website:

RUN Ministries is a global network of believers committed to bringing the revelation of God and His Kingdom to those who have never heard the Good News, equipping more than 2 million first-generation Christian leaders providing evangelistic media tools, a culturally sensitive discipleship model and practical skills for their ministries to becoming self-sustaining. In obedience to Matthew 24:14, RUN Ministries launches church planting movements among unreached peoples.

Project this year:
  • Mimi People Project (unreached people group)

Little Dresses for Africa

Mary Frances Ballard

Partner website:

Volunteers from all over the US, Canada and around the world, join together to create simple little dresses made from pillowcases or simple patterns. Our goal is to gather materials, time and talent from the congregation, and to provide workshops for constructing and shipping dresses to the Little Dresses for Africa organization.

Projects this year:
  • Shipping of Pillowcase Dresses
  • Little Dresses for Africa (donation)


Marvin Thomas

Partner website:

In 2012, Bridges made it their mission to make a difference in the world by helping people in practical ways to have a better life, both spiritually and physically. Bridges facilitates short-term mission trips that literally help build physical bridges in developing countries.

Project this year:
  • Complete building a bridge in Haiti

International Ministry Partners


Calvin and Saloma went to Mexico with their family in 1984. They worked in Mexicali orphanages and a local church for about 10 years before moving to their current home in Ensenada. Their ministry, Fountain of Grace Ministries, is involved in giving Keys of Transformation seminars, Marriage Ministry classes and Basic School of Prayer Counseling Ministry as they mentor, train and counsel church leaders and others.


Mark and Sandi have been involved with New Covenant missions since 1991. They traveled in Eastern Europe with the IEM (International Evangelistic Ministry) Team, an evangelistic crusade ministry, for three and a half years and have worked in Germany since then, serving in local churches. Currently they serve as pastors of a church in Jena where Mark and Sandi feel they are called to “plant seeds”.


Mike and Treesa have been involved in missions since the early 1980s as a part of Wycliffe Bible Translators, teaching in schools for missionary children. They began working at Faith Academy in Manila in 1988 while also working with a local Filipino church ministering to poor children and teens. Mike later served as principal at the Indonesian school in Davao. Mike and his team are completing work on Wycliffe’s Vernacular Media website in Waxhaw, NC, while they are on sabbatical.


Dan and Laura have been part of NCC since 1980 and have worked with IEM since 1983, holding crusades in the West Indies, Asia, Eastern and Western Europe and Africa. The present team established a base in the Ivory Coast in 1999 where Dan serves as an evangelist and is responsible for administration and crusade operations.


Maury and Pam received a missionary call while in college at Virginia Tech. They were married in 1978 and went to SE Asia in 1981 to work in Thai evangelism. They have since done overseas missionary work in 15 countries. After several years back in the States, they returned to Thailand in October 2008 where their primary focus is on: evangelism, discipleship and mercy ministries.


Neal was sent out by NCC in 1986 to begin ministry among the Turks in Germany. Neal and Elke met in Cologne and were married in 1990. They have been helping a Turkish-speaking fellowship get fully established and are actively involved in a pioneering church planting work with another group in their area.


John and Kim went to Thailand in 1989. They have served in Frontier Church Planting in southern Thailand, Thai National Educational Development, and currently in Christian Microenterprise Development, founding and leading Step Ahead MED in Bangkok and other areas of Thailand. They work as faith missionaries and were very involved in tsunami relief in southern Thailand along with other areas of service to the poor.


Dale and Mary have been involved in reaching the lost masses of India since 1971. Presently they are based locally and spend several months in Asia each year conducting open-air Gospel crusades. They have reached millions of people during these crusades which are held in cooperation with local pastors who do the follow up ministry.