Pastor Mark Announces the Next Pastor of New Covenant Church

Pastor Mark Announces the Next Pastor of New Covenant Church

During the Sunday morning service on April 17, 2016, Pastor Mark Johansson read the following announcement to the church.

To the New Covenant family,

This past January, as I’ve done in past years, I asked you to pray for Mary and me. This time was different though because we knew that God was bringing us into a time of transition in our lives, and here at New Covenant Church. Thank you for praying for us!

At the beginning of March, I shared with you what the Lord had been speaking to me. I announced that sometime this year I would be stepping down as the Lead Pastor of New Covenant Church. I told you that I wasn’t running from anything and that I wasn’t running to something. We believe this is the leading of the Lord in our lives. I have truly loved pastoring this precious part of God’s Bride called New Covenant Church. I also said that I wasn’t planning on leaving NCC unless the Lord had another plan, and that I would be very supportive of NCC’s next Pastor. I don’t know what our next assignment is yet, but Mary and I covet your prayers!

As I stated in March, per the NCC Constitution, it is the Elders responsibility, along with the AOT, to select NCC’s next Pastor. I also mentioned that as an Eldership, we would look internally first. Thank you for praying for the Elders and myself as we’ve walked through this selection process. The Lord has helped us immensely and today I am both honored and humbled to stand before you in the fear of the Lord and on behalf of the Elders and the Apostolic Oversight Team to introduce the person who will become the 6th Pastor of New Covenant Church, Rev. Stephen M. Deane.

Steve is a son of this house. Steve is married to his wife Kim and together they have four precious and active children. Through the years Steve has served where ever he has been needed because his heart has been to do whatever it takes to get the job done. He served as our Youth Pastor for 15 years and oversaw the inception and implementation of Kingdom Kids and Kids for Christ at NCC. He has also provided leadership to the Royal Rangers, Mpact Girls and nursery ministry, and he served on the cleaning team. This past year Steve was assigned the responsibility to examine our Discipleship culture and has been developing strategy for how to be more intentional in discipling another generation. It’s been my honor to serve as one of his spiritual fathers for close to 20 years.

Since Steve is one of us, I want to release him into what God has for him. As the Holy Spirit continues to lead, and in unity with our Elders, it is my plan to resign as the Lead Elder on June 5th to allow Steve to begin functioning as the Lead Pastor. This will release Steve to begin leading the church and implement the fresh vision God has given him for NCC. It will also give him time to work with the ministry leaders this summer in preparation for the Fall and to create momentum for next year. Steve will also begin leading our committed Office Staff in June. My role, beginning June 5th, will be to serve Steve by providing assistance, advice and counsel as needed and I’ll continue to have a speaking presence. I will give you more details on June 5th.

Mark your calendars for Sunday, September 18th—the date set for the Installation Ceremony and the Celebration that will follow the service.

In regards to our Elders, they have been encouraged to remain in office for at least a year. Two exceptions to this request: Eddie Ballard informed the Elders last year that when he turned 75 he would be stepping down. That will happen this May. And of course I will step off of the Team in June. Between June and September, I will attend  Elders meetings as needed but Steve will lead the meetings.

These are great days for us.  Let’s all join in what God is doing at New Covenant as the Church continues to move forward in all that she is to be by God’s Grace!

All for Jesus,

Pastor Mark


Mark Johansson

Mark Johansson was the senior pastor at New Covenant Church from 1999 to 2016. He and his wife Mary started serving at New Covenant in 1991 as youth pastor.

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  1. Kevin Mahaffy : April 19, 2016 at 11:14 pm

    Proud of the work you and Mary have done at NCC. Finishing well and keeping your eye on the purpose of the Church and not your own kingdom. Well done, Mark, and blessings to Steve and Kim.


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