Favored 2.0 Series

This sermon series explores Paul’s epistle to the church in Ephesus and how the favor of God is available to us in ways that just might blow our minds. Are we open to redefining the grace of God available to us and how it might impact the way we live?

March 20: View sermon notes in YouVersion

  1. Favored 2.0: Walk the Talk (Mar. 20) Pastor Steve Deane 47:34
  2. Favored 2.0 (Mar. 6) Pastor Mark Johansson 31:09
  3. Favored 2.0 (Feb. 28) Pastor Steve Deane 54:17
  4. Favored 2.0 (Feb. 21) Pastor Mark Johansson 41:11
  5. Favored 2.0 (Feb. 14) Pastor Steve Deane 48:50
  6. Favored 2.0 (Feb. 7) Pastor Mark Johansson 01:00:12


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