July 2016

  1. Living in America (July 24) Pastor Steve Deane 44:41
  2. Hope Fixed (July 17) Pastor Steve Deane 53:12
  3. Living Arks (July 10) Mark Johansson 35:56
  4. Real or Ideal (July 3) Pastor Steve Deane 36:15


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July 24: “Living in America”
Pastor Steve talks about race relations in America and the calling of the Church for exactly this moment in our nation’s history. Drawing from the Jesus’ parable about the Good Samaritan, Steve draws a clear picture of God’s heart for loving our neighbor. Download MP3

July 17: “Hope Fixed”
Drawing from I John 3:3 – “And everyone who has this hope fixed on Him purifies himself, just as He is pure.” – Pastor Steve teaches about the importance of not only having hope but giving it to the world around us. Download MP3

July 10: “Living Arks”
Teaching from I Chronicles 13, Pastor Mark Johansson talks about the impact of inviting the presence of God into our homes and communities. When worship isn’t just in the temple but becomes part of where we live, God’s glory changes us. Download MP3

July 3: “Real or Ideal”
Pulling from David’s Psalm 119 – “Blessed are those whose way is blameless…” – Pastor Steve talks about how every culture has an ideal that it can’t reach, and how God’s way isn’t ideal. When Jesus showed up, the Pharisees held onto their ideal so tightly that they couldn’t see the Person of God for Who He is. He was familiar with suffering and well-acquainted with grief, not focused on blessing those who appeared to fit into an ideal. God is love. Love is real, not ideal. Download MP3


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