Reach Out Celebration 2016

The 2016 Reach Out Celebration was a weekend-long event celebrating what God has done through New Covenant’s outreach projects in 2015 while looking forward to 2016 projects. The weekend culminates with Sunday morning’s “Advance the Kingdom” service where the church is encouraged to pledge toward the year’s outreach efforts.

  1. Advance the Kingdom Bishop Herb Hutchinson 20:05


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The special guest speaker on Sunday, Jan. 31 was Bishop Herb Hutchinson from Summit Training Post.  Summit Training Post (STP) is a non-profit organization that was developed out of an awareness of the poverty and devastation of the Native American people. STP desires to bring hope to the Navajo Nation through training programs. By equipping the people with the skills for greater success, STP hopes to bring restored and revitalized life to the communities in which they live. The programs at STP prepare students to be self supporting, increasing their employability, and for successful business ownership.

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