Revolutionary Power

  1. Revolutionary Power (May 29) Pastor Mark Johansson 52:26
  2. Revolutionary Power (May 15) Pastor Mark Johansson 42:26


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Starting with Pentecost Sunday on March 15, this series looks at the revolution kickstarted by the Holy Spirit falling on the early church.

May 29
Pastor Mark speaks about Joshua and the nation of Israel preparing to cross over the Jordan River into Canaan, specifically about the monuments God told them to build to remember and honor their past before they entered into their future. (Read Joshua 3-4) This was also Pastor Mark’s last sermon as New Covenant’s senior pastor after more than 16 years of serving in the role. He cautioned the church to not think that the best days of our spiritual life are behind us.  |   Download mp3

May 22
Due to a technical malfunction with the recording equipment (yes, something broke), we lost the May 22 sermon in its entirety. Very sad because it was a great message. The equipment was repaired, thanks to our faithful media team (thanks, Greg and Dave). 

May 15
Pastor Mark looks at Peter’s sermon on Pentecost Sunday.  |   Download mp3


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