This End Up

  1. This End Up: Wait a Minute (May 8) Pastor Jay Bowen 42:01
  2. This End Up: The Ascension (May 1) Pastor Steve Deane 38:54
  3. This End Up: Witness to Window (April 24) Pastor Mark Johansson 43:03
  4. This End Up: Peter's Reinstatement (April 17) Pastor Steve Deane 44:58
  5. This End Up: Discouragement to Devotion (April 10) Pastor Mark Johansson 35:47
  6. This End Up: Women and the Resurrection (April 3) Pastor Steve Deane 41:46
  7. This End Up: EASTER (March 27) Pastor Mark Johansson 56:06


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This series explores the event of Jesus’ resurrection and the people Jesus chose to reveal Himself in resurrected form.

May 8: Wait a Minute
He said to them, ‘It is not for you to know times or seasons that the Father has fixed by his own authority.'” (Acts 1:7) Pastor Jay Bowen preaches about waiting and how God uses it to prepare us for something He has designed for us. For the disciples, there was a season of waiting after Jesus ascended into heaven before the Holy Spirit came. 

May 1: The Ascension
“What does God do with doubters? He comes up to them and commissions them.” Pastor Steve Deane walks through the story of Jesus final appearance to the disciples before ascending to heaven, how the disciples worshiped and experienced doubt at the same time. What did Jesus do? He gave them the Great Commission.

April 24: Witness to Window
“The reality is that Christ wants us to go past explanation to revelation.” Pastor Mark Johansson explains how God wants to make us witnesses so that we can become windows for the world to see Jesus.

April 17: Peter’s Reinstatement
Pastor Steve Deane talks about the parallel journey of Peter, the Protestant movement, and the Pharisees. Jesus allows us to be sifted, to get us to let go of our power so that we can become empowered by Him. Right before the Steve spoke, Pastor Mark Johansson, with the church elders, announced that Steve will become the next senior pastor of New Covenant. It was a big day in the history of 0ur church! Read Pastor Mark’s announcement

April 10: Discouragement to Devotion
Pastor Mark Johansson describes the discouragement weighing on two of the disciples as the walked to Emmaus when a stranger joined them. View the YouVersion notes

April 3: Women and the Resurrection
Pastor Steve Deane speaks on Jesus intentionally choosing a women to be the first person to know He was alive after His resurrection. Steve takes on whether or not God can use women in leadership and how Jesus treated women during His ministry.

March 27: Easter Sunday
Kicking off the series on Easter Sunday, Pastor Mark teaches on the importance of believing in the doctrine that Jesus died and was then raised to life.



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