Month: March 2016

  • A Folk Tale for Good Friday

    A Folk Tale for Good Friday

    What a day in history!  If Sunday is the ‘greatest day in history’ then today, Good Friday, is the ‘darkest day’. At the time, none of the Christ-followers had picked up on the clues that Friday was necessary for Sunday to happen.  Isn’t that usually the case? Our perception deceives us into missing the eternal […]

  • LOL


    So, I know what you’re thinking. What kind of family pastor scares his own children every time he sneezes?  Let me explain.  I have a big mouth! I’m reminded of  a picture of myself in high school with the bottom of a glass Coke bottle in my  mouth. I also won an apple eating contest […]

  • Transitions


    Whether it’s a job change, a new house, a friend or family member’s passing, the birth of a baby, growing older and retirement, a new seat in church, or even the coming and going of seasons, life is full of changes. Change happens in families, businesses, communities, relationships, churches and organizations. And after any transition, […]

  • Men’s Corner: “Devotion”

    Men’s Corner: “Devotion”

    There is a word in Christianity that can be associated with a very stinging, religious, dutiful, and even pharisaical meaning if we let it. That word is DEVOTION.

  • Dale & Mary Sexauer (Partners serving in India)

    Dale and Mary have been doing evangelistic work in India since the early 1970’s. In the early days, they traveled all over India conducting open-air crusade meetings, mainly in large cities.

  • Little Dresses for Africa

    Little Dresses for Africa

    One of our Global Focus projects this year is to support Little Dresses for Africa, a Christian organization whose mission is to provide dresses to little girls in Africa and other countries needing relief. These dresses are a vehicle used to spread the gospel and let little girls know God loves them and they have worth. The dresses […]

  • Night’s Welcome Needs You

    Night’s Welcome Needs You

    A Night’s Welcome Winter Shelter program for the homeless in which area congregations rotate hospitality providing shelter, dinner and breakfast meals during the cold winter months.  Doors open at 6 pm (1 hr earlier) and close at 7 am the next morning. Each guest has a detailed case management intake sheet completed and they are evaluated for additional […]

  • Welcome Aboard, Pastor T

    Welcome Aboard, Pastor T

    Tyler Kelce recently joined the staff full-time as Family Pastor, a new position for NCC.  He will provide guidance, energy, oversight, and daily direction to all aspects of ministry from our infants through High School students. He will implement New Covenant’s vision and values throughout children and student ministries, and will work with church leadership […]