Month: May 2016

  • The Marriage Files – Episode 5

    The Marriage Files – Episode 5

    “Simply put, love is found in simplicity.”  Unknown   The holding of a hand, the opening of a door, a compliment, doing a routine chore without complaining, etc., are simple things we can do to show our love and affection for our spouse. I really enjoy the weekend away and the lavish date, but day […]

  • Open Doors

    Open Doors

    On a recent trip to Canada to be with family after the passing of my youngest brother, I was reminded of how Jesus provided the way for me to spend eternity with Him one day. When I arrived at the Norfolk airport for an early morning departure, I learned one of my connecting flights had […]

  • The Marriage Files – Episode 4

    The Marriage Files – Episode 4

    “Think not because you are now wed that all your courtship’s at an end.”  Mendoza   Dating is a vital part to a healthy marriage. Remember when you asked her to go out on your first date? You tried to act calm, cool and in charge but your voice and demeanor failed you.  You were […]

  • JAARS Center

    JAARS Center

    Mike & Treesa Hause, our partners at the JAARS (Jungle Aviation and Radio Services) Center in Waxhaw, NC, invite you to come and learn about Bible translation and the challenge to spread the Gospel in every language! The JAARS Center is hosting JAARS Day on the following Saturdays: June 11, August 13 and October 8. JAARS […]

  • Dream Center (Prom Dress Event)

    Dream Center (Prom Dress Event)

    Picture this: David’s Bridal dress shop meets TLC’s “Say Yes To The Dress” meets Fantasy Faire Royal Hall at Disney.  Most of the ladies in this crowd can appreciate the joy that this image portrays. On Friday, April 15th the Peninsula Dream Center greeted 115 high school senior girls and their guests with a heart […]

  • Mountain Missions Outreach

    Mountain Missions Outreach

    During the weekend of April 15th – 17th, myself, and 10 other men (only men this time, but women are always welcome!) departed from NCC and  headed to Mountain Mission School (MMS) to finish up the roofing project that we started last November.  We arrived at the school around 1:30am Friday morning, got a few […]

  • John & Kim Quinley (Partners serving in Thailand)

    John & Kim Quinley (Partners serving in Thailand)

    New and exciting things are happening with John and Kim Quinley and their ministry. In February, Thailand hosted the first World Without Orphans Global Summit with over 500 participants from 60 nations.  Kim was asked to lead a Showcase Session highlighting their “Keeping Families Together” program.  An immediate outcome from the World Without Orphans Global […]

  • The Marriage Files – Episode 3

    The Marriage Files – Episode 3

    “The Right Stuff”   “Success in marriage is much more than finding the right person; it is a matter of being the right person” – Unknown   Karen and I always begin premarital counseling with a session on understanding your partner’s emotional needs. We use the book “His Needs, Her Needs” as a reference to […]

  • A Whole Lotta VBS

    A Whole Lotta VBS

    The Great Wall of China, hot air balloons, Mount Everest, tropical rain forests, deep dark caves.  What do these things have in common?  They have all been key themes to our VBS programs.  And they are just a tip of the iceberg in regards to the level of epicness (it’s a word, I promise) we […]