58 Years, 6 Pastors and One Faithful God

During our Sept. 18 Sunday service, we celebrated the transition to our 6th lead pastor Steve Deane. During the service, we wanted to do something that gave a sense of our 58 year history, telling the story of God’s faithfulness to the church in a brief video.

So, we combined audio clips of each NCC senior pastor into a combined prayer with some imagery from the early days of the the church and some recent imagery. We feel like it really evokes something in our DNA that’s been there from the beginning – a simple love for Jesus in response to His incredible gift of grace.

Thanks to Dave Douglas, Ashley Parker, Beth Bustin, Susan Hughes, Kristina Johnson, Aaron Davidson, Jay Bowen and Peter Stern for helping compile and create this video. Thanks to Bethel Music for the powerful soundtrack: It is Well // Without Words: Synesthesia

Listen to the full Sept. 18 service (minus worship) in the Sept. playlist:

  1. Philoxenia (Sept. 25) Kim Quinley 26:56
  2. 58 Years, 6 Pastors, One Faithful God (Sept. 18) Full Service (minus worship) 01:04:28
  3. His Desire (Sept. 11) Pastor Mark Johansson 46:13
  4. Special Kingdom Kids Service (Sept. 4) Pastor Tyler Kelce 57:33


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