Author: Jay Bowen

  • The Marriage Files – Episode 8

    The Marriage Files – Episode 8

    “Everyday Marriage” Part 2   Not too long ago I received a call from a young lady wanting me to officiate her wedding. Unfortunately, I was booked and I had to decline. Before I ended the conversation, I asked her if she and her fiancé are going through pre-marital counseling. She reluctantly told me that […]

  • The Marriage Files – Episode 7

    The Marriage Files – Episode 7

    “Everyday Marriage” Part 1 I’ve officiated a boatload of weddings in recent years and enjoyed every minute of them.  From my unique perspective, I get to see the great expressions of love, joy, wonder and exhaustion.  I’ve heard laughter and crying and seen big crocodile tears roll down the cheeks of quite a few brides, […]

  • The Marriage Files – Episode 6

    The Marriage Files – Episode 6

    “A basic characteristic in a thriving marriage is work.”   Marriages are always under construction. We are always working to love more, give more, understand more, and grace our spouse with the best we have to offer. Most couples spend a lifetime working out their differences.  A lot of young couples haven’t had the necessary […]

  • The Marriage Files – Episode 5

    The Marriage Files – Episode 5

    “Simply put, love is found in simplicity.”  Unknown   The holding of a hand, the opening of a door, a compliment, doing a routine chore without complaining, etc., are simple things we can do to show our love and affection for our spouse. I really enjoy the weekend away and the lavish date, but day […]

  • The Marriage Files – Episode 4

    The Marriage Files – Episode 4

    “Think not because you are now wed that all your courtship’s at an end.”  Mendoza   Dating is a vital part to a healthy marriage. Remember when you asked her to go out on your first date? You tried to act calm, cool and in charge but your voice and demeanor failed you.  You were […]

  • The Marriage Files – Episode 3

    The Marriage Files – Episode 3

    “The Right Stuff”   “Success in marriage is much more than finding the right person; it is a matter of being the right person” – Unknown   Karen and I always begin premarital counseling with a session on understanding your partner’s emotional needs. We use the book “His Needs, Her Needs” as a reference to […]

  • The Marriage Files – Episode 2

    The Marriage Files – Episode 2

     “When we wake up we don’t kiss, we touch gloves.” Phyllis Diller;   Stop the insanity! Come on, admit it… couples argue, fuss, fight and verbally spar.  I haven’t met a couple yet who can say they don’t.  Husband and wife, two fiery personalities, two strong opinions serving each other an appetizer of disappointment, a […]

  • Walk a Mile in Her Shoes

    Walk a Mile in Her Shoes

      I always knew God called us to be His hands and feet. I just never imagined it would involve cross-dressing.  It was only women’s shoes… the horror, the horror!  Why couldn’t it be walk a mile in her blouse and skirt?  I mean, really… how do you ladies walk in those things?  My walking […]

  • The Marriage Files – Episode 1

    The Marriage Files – Episode 1

    The Problem with Pronouns: Karen and I have been counseling couples for over 10 years now and we’ve learned quite a few things about our marriage and how we can effectively help other couples. We have discovered that most of the problems couples face have nothing to do with theology. Obviously, we turn to scriptures […]

  • Dale & Mary Sexauer (Partners serving in India)

    Dale and Mary have been doing evangelistic work in India since the early 1970’s. In the early days, they traveled all over India conducting open-air crusade meetings, mainly in large cities.