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  • Something new is happening…

    Something new is happening…

    Yesterday, we concluded the “Woven” series with some special guests from the City of Hampton. Dr. Kelli Cedo (Principal, Forrest Elementary School), Councilman Will Moffett, Vice Mayor Linda Curtis, and Assistant City Manager Steve Bond all came to share their appreciation for New Covenant’s partnership, especially our recent involvement with Forrest Elementary School. Beneath their long […]

  • NCC Supports Literacy Event at Forrest Elementary

    NCC Supports Literacy Event at Forrest Elementary

    It was our privilege to be at Forrest Elementary tonight to participate in the ‘Spotlight on Reading’ event for their kindergarten and first grade students! Thank you to everyone who came!

  • WORKshipping in Spirit and Truth

    WORKshipping in Spirit and Truth

      Nestled in a powerful testimony about how God had been reshaping her perspective, Naomi Barnett shared some parting words of inspiration on her last night as a SHIFT student: One of the most significant activities that God has used to shape my understanding of His love for me was learning how to worship openly […]

  • Let’s Do Lunch!

    Let’s Do Lunch!

    Most of you are aware of NCC’s long-standing partnership with HELP through our support of the Night’s Welcome winter shelter program for the homeless of our community.  However, you may not be familiar with NCC’s support of HELP’s Loaves and Fishes lunch program. Loaves and Fishes is held for one hour at noon every Friday […]

  • JAARS Center

    JAARS Center

    Mike & Treesa Hause, our partners at the JAARS (Jungle Aviation and Radio Services) Center in Waxhaw, NC, invite you to come and learn about Bible translation and the challenge to spread the Gospel in every language! The JAARS Center is hosting JAARS Day on the following Saturdays: June 11, August 13 and October 8. JAARS […]

  • Dream Center (Prom Dress Event)

    Dream Center (Prom Dress Event)

    Picture this: David’s Bridal dress shop meets TLC’s “Say Yes To The Dress” meets Fantasy Faire Royal Hall at Disney.  Most of the ladies in this crowd can appreciate the joy that this image portrays. On Friday, April 15th the Peninsula Dream Center greeted 115 high school senior girls and their guests with a heart […]

  • Mountain Missions Outreach

    Mountain Missions Outreach

    During the weekend of April 15th – 17th, myself, and 10 other men (only men this time, but women are always welcome!) departed from NCC and  headed to Mountain Mission School (MMS) to finish up the roofing project that we started last November.  We arrived at the school around 1:30am Friday morning, got a few […]

  • John & Kim Quinley (Partners serving in Thailand)

    John & Kim Quinley (Partners serving in Thailand)

    New and exciting things are happening with John and Kim Quinley and their ministry. In February, Thailand hosted the first World Without Orphans Global Summit with over 500 participants from 60 nations.  Kim was asked to lead a Showcase Session highlighting their “Keeping Families Together” program.  An immediate outcome from the World Without Orphans Global […]

  • A Whole Lotta VBS

    A Whole Lotta VBS

    The Great Wall of China, hot air balloons, Mount Everest, tropical rain forests, deep dark caves.  What do these things have in common?  They have all been key themes to our VBS programs.  And they are just a tip of the iceberg in regards to the level of epicness (it’s a word, I promise) we […]

  • Walk a Mile in Her Shoes

    Walk a Mile in Her Shoes

      I always knew God called us to be His hands and feet. I just never imagined it would involve cross-dressing.  It was only women’s shoes… the horror, the horror!  Why couldn’t it be walk a mile in her blouse and skirt?  I mean, really… how do you ladies walk in those things?  My walking […]