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  • Aghast


    Why would anyone ever do that!?! I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy!!! We’ve all seen those scenes in the movies. The one you thought was their best friend…their closest ally, ends up being the one to cause all the problems. Everything goes up in smoke and the deepest wound came from behind (et […]

  • Snow Day Devotionals

    Snow Day Devotionals

    Sunday services are cancelled Jan. 8 due to SNOW and a lot of it. So, stay inside Sunday morning and join our pastors on Facebook Live for three devotionals at 8am (Jay Bowen), 9am (Tyler Kelce) and 10am (Stephen Deane).

  • The Marriage Files – Episode 8

    The Marriage Files – Episode 8

    “Everyday Marriage” Part 2   Not too long ago I received a call from a young lady wanting me to officiate her wedding. Unfortunately, I was booked and I had to decline. Before I ended the conversation, I asked her if she and her fiancé are going through pre-marital counseling. She reluctantly told me that […]

  • 58 Years, 6 Pastors and One Faithful God

    58 Years, 6 Pastors and One Faithful God

    During our Sept. 18 Sunday service, we celebrated the transition to our 6th lead pastor Steve Deane. During the service, we wanted to do something that gave a sense of our 58 year history, telling the story of God’s faithfulness to the church in a brief video. So, we combined audio clips of each NCC senior pastor into […]

  • The Marriage Files – Episode 7

    The Marriage Files – Episode 7

    “Everyday Marriage” Part 1 I’ve officiated a boatload of weddings in recent years and enjoyed every minute of them.  From my unique perspective, I get to see the great expressions of love, joy, wonder and exhaustion.  I’ve heard laughter and crying and seen big crocodile tears roll down the cheeks of quite a few brides, […]

  • #newpastoratncc


    It’s been few weeks since Rev. Stephen M. Deane transitioned to Lead Pastor at New Covenant Church (NCC) and as one who has the privilege of serving with Steve, I thought it would be fun to talk to Steve and the family and hear what they have to say about this new chapter in their […]

  • The Marriage Files – Episode 6

    The Marriage Files – Episode 6

    “A basic characteristic in a thriving marriage is work.”   Marriages are always under construction. We are always working to love more, give more, understand more, and grace our spouse with the best we have to offer. Most couples spend a lifetime working out their differences.  A lot of young couples haven’t had the necessary […]

  • Contractors Guide to Edification

    Contractors Guide to Edification

    Oh to stand back and look at months’ worth of work fully completed.  The green grass growing where there was once trees and weeds.  The crisp clean siding and bright white aluminum wrapped trim.  The way the brand new brown architectural shingles come across the front of the house like an eyebrow over the clean clear […]

  • The Marriage Files – Episode 5

    The Marriage Files – Episode 5

    “Simply put, love is found in simplicity.”  Unknown   The holding of a hand, the opening of a door, a compliment, doing a routine chore without complaining, etc., are simple things we can do to show our love and affection for our spouse. I really enjoy the weekend away and the lavish date, but day […]

  • The Marriage Files – Episode 4

    The Marriage Files – Episode 4

    “Think not because you are now wed that all your courtship’s at an end.”  Mendoza   Dating is a vital part to a healthy marriage. Remember when you asked her to go out on your first date? You tried to act calm, cool and in charge but your voice and demeanor failed you.  You were […]