Dale & Mary Sexauer (Partners serving in India)

Dale and Mary have been doing evangelistic work in India since the early 1970’s. In the early days, they traveled all over India conducting open-air crusade meetings, mainly in large cities. In 1993, Dale founded World Harvest Ministries, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to reaching the unreached with the Good News of God’s love. 

In 1994 they began focusing their outreach to the Punjab region of India, beginning with a large crusade in the city of Amritsar, the spiritual center of the Sikh religion. From Amritsar they continued holding crusades in some of the largest cities in the Punjab. Around 7 million people have attended the crusades. Thousands of people have been healed of polio and other diseases, including many deaf mutes, epileptics, and those with cancers, tumors, and blind

eyes.  For the last several years, their ministry has been focused on reaching people who live in very small un-evangelized villages. Generally there is no church and not even a single Christian living in the villages where the crusades are held. They work with pastors who have a vision to plant new churches in the villages following the crusades. 

Please pray:

1. That God will prepare the hearts of all who will be hearing the Gospel message.

2. That God will grant signs and wonders to confirm His word.

3. That many will call on Jesus for salvation, and new churches will be planted.

The next trip will be from March 2 to March 29. Thank you for praying for a great harvest of souls and new churches to be planted for God’s glory!


Jay Bowen

Jay and his wife Karen have been around New Covenant for many years. Jay served as worship pastor before taking on the outreach efforts of the church.

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