Dream Center (Prom Dress Event)

Dream Center (Prom Dress Event)

Picture this: David’s Bridal dress shop meets TLC’s “Say Yes To The Dress” meets Fantasy Faire Royal Hall at Disney.  Most of the ladies in this crowd can appreciate the joy that this image portrays.

On Friday, April 15th the Peninsula Dream Center greeted 115 high school senior girls and their guests with a heart to serve.  We had over 1500 dresses in all sizes and colors, over 20 dressing rooms, a seamstress area, melodic tunes, and an MC with a mic cheering on the ladies as they graced the mirrors with loveliness.
“She said YES to the dress!” was exclaimed over and over.  “Girl, you look gorgeous!” and “Where has that dress been hiding all night? Beautiful!”  Each girl was assigned her own Personal Shopper who escorted her and her guests through the racks of evening gowns and assisted in the process of selecting and trying on the dresses. The ladies sampled hors d’oeuvres as we escorted them to the jewelry, accessory and shoe room —which did not disappoint.  Each girl with her dress in plastic stopped to check out and was given a purse filled to the brim with more goodies, including a heart shaped make-up mirror, and scriptures about how she is TRULY loved.

 “Thanks, I’m really grateful for this
event because I really couldn’t afford
to buy a dress and this was way
more than what I expected and I just
feel very happy and blessed.”

From the men in bow ties in the parking lot to the photo booth, Dream Designs Prom Dress Event shared the love of Jesus in a very tangible way.  As a volunteer, it was a delightful night.  Please pray with me for these girls and all the students attending a prom this season, that they would create delightful memories, have the courage to make wise decisions after the events, and that the love of Jesus will grow in their hearts. Thank you to everyone who donated dresses, shoes and accessories to this year’s Dream Center Prom Event.

To learn more about this event click here: http://www.peninsuladreamcenter.com/#!dream-designs/c1vr8


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