Something new is happening…

Something new is happening…

Yesterday, we concluded the “Woven” series with some special guests from the City of Hampton. Dr. Kelli Cedo (Principal, Forrest Elementary School), Councilman Will Moffett, Vice Mayor Linda Curtis, and Assistant City Manager Steve Bond all came to share their appreciation for New Covenant’s partnership, especially our recent involvement with Forrest Elementary School. Beneath their long lists of credentials and accomplishments, we got to see their heart – to serve the region we live in. [Listen below]

What has been unusual about this Woven series has been it’s diversity. We heard from Dale Sexauer, our missionary to India who preaches in large open-air meetings where people are healed and thousands of lives are touched. We hosted Mountain Mission School, who brought their gifted choir full of vibrant students with a hopeful future – a future that may not have been so hopeful without the small secluded school in the mountains of Grundy, Va. Then, Hampton city officials joined us to share their heart for children, the future of our region, and an increase our involvement outside the walls of our church.

It showcases the power of what God is doing when local officials come and say “Thank you” the way our guests did yesterday. Dr. Cedo specifically stated that our involvement in Forrest Elementary has made a noticeable impact on the children – they know people in the community care about them. That statement almost brought me to tears.

“How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in him whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher?” Romans 10:14 (ASV)

I am extremely proud to call New Covenant my home. We are reaching the nations (India, Thailand, Ivory Coast, Haiti, and many more). We are partnering with amazing organizations like Bridges, Mountain Mission School, and Stop Hunger Now in the U.S.A.

And something new is happening locally. New doors are opening. Ministry is becoming missions, right here in our church walls and in our neighborhoods. God is weaving us into our city.

  1. Global Focus Report (Feb. 5) Jay Bowen 46:16
  2. Woven into the City of Hampton (Jan. 29) Dr. Kelli Cedo, Councilman Will Moffett, Vice Mayor Linda Curtis, Assistant City Manager Steve Bond 46:54
  3. Mountain Mission School (Jan. 22) Chris Slone 26:35
  4. Update on India Crusade Work (Jan. 15) Dale Sexauer 57:09


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