Grief Share Story (by Ruth)

Grief Share Story (by Ruth)

I attended the Grief Share group last September when it started here at New Covenant because my sister had recently passed away.  It was a safe place where I was able to share my grief with others who were also hurting, and they understood my pain.  My sister lived in Michigan and because of the long distance, my family here didn’t know her well.  When I returned home from her  funeral, I felt like I grieved alone.  At Grief Share I listened to others share their experiences through loss and it gave me the courage to share mine. Talking about my sister with others helped me so much.

My sister’s death took me by surprise.  I didn’t realize that someone with cancer could be doing great one day and pass away the next day. Losing her was very hard for me to accept.  It just seemed so unreal. Grief Share helped me work through many things that I was struggling with and I felt like I learned so much.


I encourage others who might be experiencing some level of grief in their life to attend.  It really does help.

(The next Grief Share group starts February 1, 2017…go to for more information.)

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  1. Great to see God’s word going forth through NCC. Love my NCC family of believers. Steve Dean’s 4 minute “Snow Day” video was God inspired to over an hour. We watched it all after our Florida church service. We’ve met many new friends here and are involved in a number of ministries and learning better how to share the love of Jesus to the lost. We pray for continued grow of NCC as you move in the spirit. I got my Godly roots there. Praise his holy name. JESUS

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