Mountain Missions Outreach

Mountain Missions Outreach

During the weekend of April 15th – 17th, myself, and 10 other men (only men this time, but women are always welcome!) departed from NCC and  headed to Mountain Mission School (MMS) to finish up the roofing project that we started last November.  We arrived at the school around 1:30am Friday morning, got a few hours of sleep and woke up early to begin getting our supplies ready. We couldn’t start working on the roof until about 9:30, as we had to wait for the sun to come up over the mountains to dry the roof off so it wasn’t so slippery. Once we were able to walk on the roof, the first step was to mop the entire roof with a cleaner and pressure wash the roof’s surface.  As the roof dried off again, the paint crew began coating the roof with a sealer. Eventually, all 11 of us were pouring the sealer out or spreading it with paint rollers. We finished the entire walking surface of the roof at about 4 that afternoon, which was odd because we have never finished up a day of work there so early!

Chris Slone (MMS President) and Bryan Wickman (School Teacher/Volunteer Coordinator) took the team out for  dinner that evening to an Italian Restaurant where we enjoyed good conversation – there are always good stories to go around with that many people at the table!  Even after stuffing ourselves with all that Italian food, several guys had the opportunity to play some basketball and visit with some of the students who attend the school.  After everyone finished playing basketball and got cleaned up, some guys went straight to bed, while others of us stayed up and played cards while being serenaded by the other guys’ snores (always a good idea to bring ear plugs on these trips if you intend to get a good night’s sleep!).  We awoke the following morning and began a similar routine as the first day. By 11 Saturday morning we had everything cleaned up and were headed home.  It was another successful trip.  Mountain Mission School is always so appreciative of the work we do for them and always expresses how important New Covenant Church is to them.  NCC will take another team to MMS this summer to replace some bathroom counter-tops and sinks. If you have never been to Mountain   Mission School, I encourage you to sign up for that trip.  I promise you won’t be disappointed by your experience!

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