New Year – New Look

New Year – New Look

When someone visits our church, it’s important to make a good first impression. We greet them with a smile, try to make them feel welcome and even offer them a free gift. However, in the age of the Internet and smartphones, there is much more to making a first impression than greeting someone at the door. Most likely, newcomers will have already looked at our website, gotten directions online, and walked through the doors already having an impression of what our church is like.

Over a year ago, the Elders initiated a project to update NCC’s brand and look at ways to improve overall communication. That process included a church-wide survey followed by smaller focus groups. We wanted to hear from the entire church body. After many months, and lots of feedback from many different sources, we are finally unveiling a new logo and a new website.

The logo is intentionally simple. It’s very clear that we are a church with a simple focus on the Gospel. The cross is not a rigid 90-degree intersection. Its outer edges are are imperfect, suggesting that we are a community still being formed with the cross at the center.

One of my goals was to make sure we did not look like we were trying to be something we’re not through a new logo. We can’t try to erase our past. We are standing on it and looking forward. Many lives have been touched in this church through powerful encounters with God and genuine community; something we value highly.

We have also completely redesigned the website and made it friendly for mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.). This helps people find us online and easily learn who we are and how to visit. Hopefully, they will also be touched by something they read from one of our pastors in a new blog coming soon.

The website is not just for visitors; it’s for those who already call NCC home. We’ll promote upcoming events, track progress on missions projects and continue to make sermons available. We have also set up a completely secure way to give online. For those who prefer to manage their transactions digitally, this will be a huge benefit.

Soon, our sign at the Big Bethel Rd. entrance will be updated to match the new brand, along with signs throughout our facility and our printed materials. But all of this is about much more than a logo or a new website. My heart is to communicate with excellence so that people can easily discover who we are, what is happening and connect with our caring community. We really want God to be glorified through NCC!

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