Paint the Town Orange

Paint the Town Orange

One major thing I love about the curriculum we use in our Kingdom Kids (1st-5th grade) and K4C (4 and 5 year olds) ministries on Sunday mornings, is how much is available to us for ministry.  The people at ORANGE (the company we get our curriculum from) do a great job of providing many different ways to get a common message across to our kids.  Pastor Steve and had the opportunity to go down to a Children’s Ministry Conference a few years ago and were very impressed by their saturation methods.  They know we can most easily and effectively reach our kids with His truth, by finding lots of different ways to share the same message.  From the slides on our projector screen the moment they come in to the room, to the games we play at the end of our time together, there’s a common message being subtly, and not so subtly, brought to their attention.

One aspect we haven’t begun to utilize that I want to highlight is ORANGE’s Parent Cue App.  You can see in the screen shot from my iPad, the little ORANGE App in the very lonely folder.  I’ve been playing on the App for a couple months now and have been very pleased, as I am with all of ORANGE’s products, with the resources they are producing.  The Parent Cue App is a connection between what we are teaching on Sunday mornings and your time at home.  There are generic overviews of the main point for each week of the month, and very specific stories, videos, and games that you can read, watch, and play with your kids.  There are conversation points to use while you’re driving around town, or sitting around the table for meals.  There are videos about the bible lessons we’ve talked about, and reflections of how those lessons might impact our lives today.  All of the resources are a further saturation of our weekly Sunday service.

I’m excited to present this ORANGE resource to our parents as we start the new year. We’re using the 252 Basics for our elementary school kids, and First Look for our pre-schoolers.  Using the App gives us, as parents, something to lead the conversations with our kids as we talk with them about what they are learning in Kingdom Kids and K4C. And, you won’t have to get a piece of paper that’s going to be lost or tossed before even leaving the building… Yeah, I see ‘em in the trash cans! The App is only $2 and also includes lots of podcasts and outside links to information on many different parenting issues, concerns and questions; something I’ve found very helpful.  If you have questions, call me, or send me an email. I hope you’ll take advantage of this resource that will help our kids grow in their relationship with Christ and the Church.


Your Friendly Neighborhood Family Pastor,

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