August 2016

August 2016

  1. Wheel of Fortune | The Remnant (Aug. 28) Pastors Steve Deane and Tyler Kelce 36:19
  2. Jeopardy and What Dads Do (Aug. 21) Pastors Steve Deane and Tyler Kelce 36:51
  3. Sorry! No Recording (Aug. 14) Media Team 00:30
  4. The Incarnation (Aug. 7) Pastors Steve Deane and Tyler Kelce 38:10

Aug. 21: Jeopardy and What Dads Do (Aug. 21)
Pastors Steve Deane and Tyler Kelce are at it again, using surprising games and sermon illustrations instead of big words to describe the heart of God. Steve tries to use Jeopardy to review the two previous sermons, and Tyler brings three dads and their daughters on stage for… well… we shouldn’t spoil the surprise.

Aug. 14: Sorry! No Recording
We had a technical failure with our recording equipment on Sunday, Aug. 14, which sadly means that there is no recording of that service. Just so you know, we have fixed the issue.

Aug. 7: The Incarnation
The early Church used to say, “The incarnation is our salvation.” Today, we tend to focus so much on the concept and importance of the cross that the incarnation has become something we mostly think about at Christmas. But the truth is the cross needs the incarnation – God coming to earth in the flesh – to have meaning. God will leave the mansions of heaven to touch us. The incarnation even shows us that the law of Moses wasn’t the whole truth. It needed to be fulfilled through Jesus. Download MP3

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