September 2016

September 2016

  1. Philoxenia (Sept. 25) Kim Quinley 26:56
  2. 58 Years, 6 Pastors, One Faithful God (Sept. 18) Full Service (minus worship) 01:04:28
  3. His Desire (Sept. 11) Pastor Mark Johansson 46:13
  4. Special Kingdom Kids Service (Sept. 4) Pastor Tyler Kelce 57:33

Sept. 18: 58 Years, 6 Pastors, One Faithful God
Listen to the full celebration service where the church welcomes Pastor Steve Deane as the 6th lead pastor of New Covenant. After opening with a humorous dramatization of a “meeting for concerned ministry leaders,” Pastor Mark addresses the church, followed by the senior member of NCC’s apostolic oversight team Pete Beck, a time of prayer over Pastor Steve and his wife Kim, and a few closing words from the Deanes. Not included in the recording is a special video available on our blog, featuring audio clips from each of NCC’s six lead pastors. Download MP3

Sept. 11: His Desire
Pastor Mark Johansson shares on the topic of “desire”… what we desire, what God desires and why it matters for our future. Download MP3

Sept. 4: Special Kingdom Kids Service
Pastor Tyler Kelce – a.k.a. “Mr. T” – brings Kingdom Kids to adult church for a lesson on Joseph and favorites. Download MP3

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