The Marriage Files – Episode 5

The Marriage Files – Episode 5

“Simply put, love is found in simplicity.”  Unknown


The holding of a hand, the opening of a door, a compliment, doing a routine chore without complaining, etc., are simple things we can do to show our love and affection for our spouse. I really enjoy the weekend away and the lavish date, but day in and day out, it is the simple act that shouts, “I Love You!”

Karen and I are avid Washington Nationals fans. We enjoy eating lunch at this burger joint owned by a celebrity TV chef, walking through the Smithsonian museums and finishing the day in the ballpark screaming for our Nats (#natitude). Those dates are fantastic and very memorable. But the best part of the date is the car ride. We turn the radio off and just talk for three hours up and three hours back. We shut out the world during these car rides. Karen has my full attention and I have hers. I know what some of you are thinking: “For Pete’s sake Jay, it’s just a simple car ride!” Yep, and the simplicity of this time together takes our relationship to unfathomed depths. Try it.

There are so many simple things you can do to enhance your communication and express your love toward each other. Go on a bike ride. Karen and I have mapped out two bike rides that take us to the Poquoson River. We stop at the river, hold hands, pray, and then continue our journey.

Go on a walk tonight. Put on your favorite music while you are working around the house and plan to meet in the kitchen for a dance. Three words: movie, popcorn, snuggle!  Leave love notes for each other around the house. Send a “special” text to your “someone special” every hour of the day. Unplug when you are together. Be deliberate. Be creative. Be simple. Be IN LOVE!

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